Product Description

What kind of a person am I?  Not long ago, I asked myself this question and came up with this list…

I think I…

  • use reason
  • am inclined toward philosophy
  • observe deeply
  • have a strong sense of right and wrong and fairness
  • am moved to tears by music but cannot produce music himself
  • am structured, but drawn to and admire the creative
  • am highly uncomfortable with group mentality
  • am a bit of an adventurer
  • do not work well under pressure; work best when I’ve got all the time in the world
  • have a split personality: on the one hand, I enjoy nothing more than the comforts and refinement of the world's best hotels and restaurants; on the other hand, I’m not too unhappy eating anything that can be considered food and sleeping on a bunk bed in a yak herder's hut
  • purr like a cat when driving - anything with four wheels will do, but preferably a Porsche
  • close my eyes when I taste food with exquisite taste and texture
  • drink for enjoyment and never ever to forget or drown sorrows
  • do not understand the concept of "Happy Hour"

I believe …

  • in the law of succinctness: I don’t want to assert that for which I don’t have reasonable proof
  • that truth is absolute, not relative
  • that circumstance explains but does not excuse

My likes and dislikes – I …

  • am repelled by intellectual fluff and "all talk and no action"
  • like humble people (but not those who grovel or are self-effacing)
  • loathe arrogance and condescendence and self-importance and big egos
  • love natural environments and am drawn to natural beauty
  • highly value commitment ("do as I say") and shy away from those who break promises
  • abhor lies, deception and the abuse of power
  • love freedom and choice
  • loathe stereo-type and relish activities and pursuits that are out of the ordinary
  • have little compassion for those who do not make an effort to help themselves