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I've begun to give talks about my driving adventures in China.  The most popular is called "What are you waiting for?  The Madness and Magic of Making a Dream Come True in China."  Here's a bit about this talk. 


What the talk's about

The talk engages audiences for the following reasons:

  • it's motivational (if not inspirational) because it is about realizing one's dreams –
    • First, in order for extraordinary things to come about, you must not only have dreams, but take risks and then persevere, especially when you try to accomplish unusual things in China.
    • Second, that if you have a dream, don't put it off forever, because if you pursue a dream, great things can happen.
  • It offers rare insights into China – In the talk I share with the audience a perspective of China that they are unlikely to have seen.
  • It's just simply good entertainment – you will spend an hour forgetting about work and per chance dream yourself about what can happen if ask "What if?"

Here is a synopsis of the talk.

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Audience Testimonials

"The Society was delighted to welcome such an interesting, amusing speaker, particularly to launch its new membership year.  Hong Kong should be proud to enjoy such an adventurer in residence.  The Society looks forward to inviting you to speak again at the appropriate juncture."
– The Royal Geographical Society Hong Kong
"Dear Peter, thanks for your thought-provoking, witty and interesting talk on ‘How to make your dreams come true’. An inspiring, unconventional, sometimes provoking story accompanied by breath-taking photos taken by yourself and your congenial partner on this journey, Ron Yue, granted us and our audience a memorable evening and made us keen on learning more, both about the fascinating remote landscapes and people of China and ourselves."
– Michael Kratzer, Consul/Deputy Consul-General of Austria in Hong Kong
"With his entertaining and inspiring stories and absolutely stunning photographs, Peter Schindler simply captivated his audience and gave all of us the opportunity to take part in his wonderful adventure, in the fascination and the "Magic and Madness of Making a Dream Come True in China". Truely an inspiration - and an evening well spent!
– Sabine Florian, Executive Director, German Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong
"Peter took us on a very entertaining and insightful journey through China, sharing his trials and tribulations, his anecdotes and his eventual success. Clearly the culmination of a long held dream and an inspiration for many of us!"
– Keith Kerr, Chairman, Swire Properties
"Peter Schindler’s entertaining stories, the breathtaking pictures and videos of his mad and magic journey through China captured everybody’s hearts and minds … people from all walks of live truly enjoyed it. The inspiration and emotions created by Peter have been rewarded with exceptionally good feedback from all participants. We will invite Peter Schindler again!"
– Markus Mücke, President, Swiss Association of Hong Kong
"Peter Schindler's true thirst for adventure offers us weekend warriors uncanny insights into China's known and unknown frontiers. An eye-opener for all – especially for those living in China!"
– Michael Nardella, Membership Manager, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
"Our team talked about your talk the day after and the consensus was that we all really enjoyed it. The key point that I personally found most stimulating was your courage. I am talking about the courage to put aside a great career for a passion for adventure and cars. It makes it sound quite serious but I also very much liked the fact that it was delivered in a humorous and lighted hearted fashion with an attitude like, what I imagine the adventurers of old to have displayed. One further takeaway I liked was your determination to carry on, even when things got a little difficult pre and during the adventure. The photos and videos were beautiful and perfectly illustrated the points you were making." 
– Anthony Ross, General Manager, The Opposite House, Beijing (A Swire Hotel Property)
"On behalf of the Asia Society Hong Kong Centre, I would like to thank you for giving an extremely engaging presentation to our members. Your talk was fun and inspiring. It encourages all of us to step out of our comfort zones and to dare follow our dreams!" 
– Jean Ho, Asia society Hong Kong Centre
"Peter Schindler recently presented his seminar ‘Making Dreams Come True' to a group of our lawyers and managers. The seminar worked on several levels - the imagery is stunning, the anecdotes are interesting and the inspirational message comes across clearly. We are very happy with the feedback from our staff."
– Lindsay Esler, Managing Partner, Deacons
"Before Peter Schindler begins his talk fasten your seat belt! You're in for an exciting, sometimes hair raising and thoroughly entertaining ride along the roadways and countryside of China. Peter's thrilling, scary and very amusing experiences are illustrated by quality class professional IT back-up. Stunning photographs, gripping videos with Peter's attention grabbing commentary, keep you on the edge of your seat."
– John Ball, Communications Chairman, Rotary Club of Hong Kong South
"Peter Schindler's presentation was extremely well received and contained just the right balance of humour versus seriousness, fact versus opinion and inspiration versus realism. A very thought provoking and enjoyable event."
– David Whitwam, Chairman, New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong
"Peter is an entertaining and enthusiastic speaker who engages and motivates his audience. After hearing his tales about driving across China, there will undoubtedly be more people wanting to follow in his tyre marks."
– Hugh Andrew, Chairman, The Asia Circle
A short note to thank you a little more formally for the talk you gave at INSEAD a week or so ago. The feedback I have had has been universally positive. Most people mentioned the word ‘inspirational'. One person wrote to me: ‘given these tough times, such inspiring entrepreneurial stories, are well appreciated. Tough people for tough times'. Other people have commented on the theme that it is already fine to dream, but it is far better to actually do something about realising your dream. But beyond the inspirational element, people quite simply enjoyed themselves, and were taken out of their everyday routine for an hour or so by a captivating story told by an engaging storyteller. And along the way, they learned a thing or two about present day China that few of them, if any, would have known before."
– Patrick Turner, Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship, INSEAD
"Many thanks for offering to do a talk to our group last night; I think you’ll find that everybody enjoyed your talk and there were many enthusiasts staying on afterwards to find out more! I think you are an animated speaker, with a great story to tell, and the aim to pursue your dream and do it with all your heart is certainly humbling – your stories and photos were touching, reminding us all that there’s a big world out there, ready to explore with so many people to meet!"
– Soraya Raccah, Business Development Manager, British Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong

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Video Teaser

If you want to watch Peter give the talk, here's a brief video excerpt of the talk when I gave it to a global association of lawyers in Hong Kong.

Madnress and Magic

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